About Us



We are The Miles, a husband and wife duo! We have been donating our time to get PPE out to our frontline workers caring for COVID19 patients. We have donated over 1,061 masks and shields to workers across the country! We initially got involved when we saw a selfie of a provider wearing a homemade fabric mask while working a COVID19 ER center... we knew something had to be terribly wrong if a provider on the frontlines was working without a N95 mask on!

After we sent her a mask we learned that there were other makers doing the same thing. They were following the Make The Mask initiative, so we quickly hopped on the bandwagon. The creators of the Montana Mask had all the research and clinical studies to back their invention so we joined in and began shipping masks across the country to providers who reached out to us on social media for help. We quickly raised money for supplies with the help of our family, friends, and strangers. We worked for 30 days straight with hardly any sleep to get 800 masks and shields out to providers as soon as possible. May 6, 2020 marks the first day that we've been able slow down our output. We still have many healthcare workers that reach out to us on a daily basis for help, so we will continue to provide hundreds of PPE to healthcare workers across the country for as long as we can.

Please know that the PPE on our site is priced at-cost to cover materials/packaging, labor is free to keep the costs down so we can help those that are on the frontlines and saving lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 100% of proceeds from the Pyrokey that we designed will go towards healthcare providers on the frontlines who cannot afford to buy PPE for themselves. We appreciate all your support to help us propel this mission.

So a little bit about us... My husband, Jim, is the brains to this operation. He monitors and handles the 3D printing, ordering supplies, and maintaining our printers. Meanwhile, I handle our web presence, donations, and shipping/assembling the care packages. My background comes from directing a dental clinic for 8.5 years. I've got the clinical experience to handle products safely while Jim has the skills to produce 3D printed items. It takes a lot of work... but together we make a great team! 

We want to thank everyone who has been involved with our efforts, you guys are awesome! ...Including our friends in Jacksonville, FL, Brett and Robin. They've been supporting some of our Jacksonville healthcare workers and sending shields to NYC. We could not have pulled this off without our awesome friends! 

We have been overwhelmed with the response we've received from everyone. This has definitely been a humbling experience to say the least... and we are all proud to serve our country during this pandemic. 

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Aniqa and Jim Miles