1. We love seeing our healthcare workers wear their masks and shields! Tag us on instagram: @pyromade.usa @makethemasks #pyromade #makethemasks #GetUsPPE


2. Filter Material- cut into 3" squares, which can make up to 80 squares of filter pieces. Note, use this option as a last resort. You can also purchase pre-cut K-95 filter material from Spark R&D, e-mail Luke by using their order form to


3. Purchase a injection molded version of the Montana Mask from Spark R&D or e-mail to


4. Face Shield Sheets - simply use a 3 hole punch and you're good to go! EDIT: the vendor has recently changed this product. The polyester sheets that we will be sending you (while supplies last) are on back order and will not be available until late June. However, you can still order alternative sheets from this supplier. Simply use a 3 hole punch and you're good to go! Order some now by following the link so you can replace the sheets for your shields regularly. 


5. Donate: We receive PPE requests by the minute. 100% of all proceeds go towards supplies for producing more masks and shipping them out.



6. PPE Care Package info: right click, save, print.